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    Movie Beatdown movie podcast

    Movie Beatdown is a weekly movie analysis and discussion podcast where film-structure fans James Kennison, John Steinklauber, Paulie Godbout, and Christian Suddreth use the 15 beats of the Blake Syder Beat Sheet (BS2) as described in his book, Save The Cat, to “beatdown” movies into their base elements.

    What is Save The Cat?


    Blake Snyder was convinced that every great movie is actually composed of 15 very important segments or “beats”. I have found that since I have studied movies in this way that my enjoyment of them has increased. Each film, no matter how many times I have seen it, now becomes a puzzle to solve. Where are the beats? Can I find them? What connections arise? This is what Movie Beatdown is all about.


    So what are the beats?

    You can download a copy of our Beat “Cheat” Sheet that lists the beats and a brief description about each. The best way to learn about the beats is to purchase Save the Cat for yourself!